Telling stories that matter

Family folklore goes that my first word was why, and while my vocabulary has since expanded, the word is still a clear contender for Most Spoken today.

It’s this insatiable curiosity that set my path to becoming a journalist, and these days I’m lucky enough to make a living talking to incredible people who are changing the world. From scientists curing cancer to survivors of incredible adversity, I’m humbled when people let me into their world and allow me to share their story.

Each week I pen pieces about emerging social trends, women’s issues, health breakthroughs and travel destinations for print and digital publications, plus corporate clients. My editors tell me they keep coming back because I write clean, meet deadlines and hassle them with endless ideas, but truth be told, I can’t help but do this job. It keeps me grounded, inspired and challenged … and, frankly, gets me out of bed every morning.

Thanks for stopping by. Oh, and if you have a story you think the world needs to hear, drop me a line!

“Rarely do you come across a person as genuine and positive as Kim Gillan. Spend half an hour with her and you’ll be considering taking up yoga, learning how to surf and finishing that uni course you dropped out of. Her joie de vivre is infectious. Kim’s passion for writing is equal only to her professionalism.” – Emma Vidgen, Woman’s Day lifestyle director

“If you’re after a journo who thinks outside the square and stops at nothing to get a good story, you’ve found the right person.” – Erin Van Der Meer, Nine health producer

“I can always count on Kim to deliver fresh, entertaining stories – no matter what the topic. Her tone is spot-on and her voice speaks directly to our readers with just the right amount of humour.” – Melanie Senior, Cosmopolitan features editor

“As soon as Kimberly Gillan walked into my office, I knew she was the right girl for the job. What I didn’t know then was how hard-working, talented and enthusiastic she is. Always the girl to put her hand up first, Kim can not only string several sentences together but tie them up with a pretty bow as well.” – Gemma Crisp, Dolly editor

“I thoroughly recommend Kim for any freelance or writing role. Professional and a complete delight, Kim always delivers on time and right on target.” – Brodee Myers-Cooke, Taste editor