5 signs you’re a chronic over-thinker

Hats off to my husband, friends and family who all know that having me in their life means signing up for constant counseling sessions as I get paralysed over the most mundane of situations.

Whether it’s tossing up work conundrums, trying to pick lunch off a too-delicious menu or ruminating over things I’ve said or done, it’s abundantly clear that I have a bad case of overthinker-itis. Sure I come across as pretty cool, calm and collected, but dally in my brain for a moment and you’ll often find a case of serious – and unnecessary – rumination.

So I’ve compiled a list to help you work out if you suffer the same syndrome, but also to serve as a reminder for myself of the common circumstances where I get all worked up about, well, nothing much.

  1. You wake up in the night with a racing pulse over a tiny incident during the day, like whether you replied to a friend’s text.
  2. You re-read every email you send, like, a million times. And often send it to friends/boyfriends/colleagues to read over as well.
  3. You exchange more purchases than anyone you know after making a spontaneous decision, then realising it was wrong. Oh, and you second-guess whether you bought the right gift for someone – and often exchange that too.
  4. You apologise to friends for potentially offending them but they don’t even recall said blunder.
  5. You fret about what you said when you were on the wines. Did you prattle on? Did you make conversation all about yourself? Did you dance? God, did you dance?