Amazon lessons in Leticia, Colombia

International flights within South America are seriously pricy, so we made our way from Peru to Colombia along the Amazon River. Twelve picturesque hours after boarding we’d arrived at Leticia, where the locals get around in shorts and singlets aboard motorbikes and the kids’ favourite game is to shout out “Hello how are you?” (in English) to passing tourists.

Leticia is the launching pad for Colombian Amazon trips, but since we’d already spent a good amount of time in the Peruvian Amazon, we opted for a few days in a hammock at the Mahatu hostel. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Leticia, this is it – complete with a pool, soccer field and plenty of hammocks, it’s got everything you could ever need to relax at a very good price.


We did make time for one activity in Leticia – a trip to Mundo Amazonica. Recently opened by a savvy Letician, the park’s goal is to educate visitors about the amazing Amazon Rainforest. We definitely saw a lot when we went deep into the jungle, but the fact it’s so vast means you can’t see all the wonderful species. At Mundo Amazonica, they’ve collected the most interesting plants so you get a quick snapshot of all the amazing things that come from the jungle.


You learn about bush medicine and tribal rituals, plus get to see some of the region’s most beautiful plants up close and personal. For only about AU$10 for a thorough tour, it’s one of the best value tourist experiences we’ve had.


The fact they were caring for an orphaned, very social monkey was the icing on the cake.


Next stop is Cartagena on the Colombian Caribbean.