Philly Fourth of July festivities

If you want a taste of the “All American Dream”, you’ve got to go to Philadelphia on Independence Day. By 11am, the streets are lined with cheering Americans, dressed in red, white and blue, waving flags and whistling at the passing parade.


From beauty qeens to George Washington look-a-likes to local bikie gangs, people from every corner of the city came out to march, or cheer the marchers on. It went for about two hours and was a brilliant introduction to American patriotism.


That afternoon, the festive spirit got underway at the Apple hostel, where we were staying. Free beer, margarhitas and Philly cheese steaks created instant friendships before everyone trekked to the other side of the city for the massive “Welcome to America” festival. The buzzing crowd was the biggest I’ve ever seen.


Performances by the Roots, Estelle and Boys II Men had us rocking out until the sun completely set and the most extraordinary fireworks set exploded to life, while the crowd screamed “U-S-A” on repeat. This country sure knows how to celebrate.