The amazing Isla Mujeres

When a friend suggested we add the Mexican “Island of Women” to our itinerary, we didn’t realise how great an idea it was. We flew into Cancun, and opted to bypass “Spring break mania” and jump straight on a 25 minute ferry to Isla Mujeres (pronounced ees-la mu-herr-es).

We couldn’t believe our luck when we disembarked – we’d landed in paradise. We checked into the iconic Pocna hostel and had a quick look/taste test of the offerings at the beach bar before taking a stroll along the white sand beaches. We grabbed dinner at the Bally-Hoo seafood restaurant, located on the pier, where we feasted on fresh seafood, cocktails and Coronas for a total of about $40 – after New York’s prices, we felt like kings.


The next day we hired a golf buggy to check out the whole island – it’s only about 8km long and 1.5km wide. The streets in the north end are full of colourful shops and restaurants and the rest of the island is dotted with little fishing villages.


The rest of our three days were spent book in hand, lazing under palm trees. The nights were filled with delicious Mexican food, cocktails and Coronas, while repeatedly asking ourselves if life could get any better.