Bali ain’t just for bogans

You can’t blame me for the above blog title. “Serious” travellers like to baulk at the idea of Bali, automatically assuming it’s the destination of beer-gutted, Bintang-singlet-wearing bogans who don’t have the creativity or guts to consider exploring somewhere more exotic.

But having just returned from two weeks on the Indonesian island, I can assure you that all preconceived snobberies have been blitzed. Thanks in part to daily sunsets that looked like this.


When my good friend Sheridyn decided to celebrate her 30th there, my partner Joel and I couldn’t RSVP quick enough. We were well overdue for an overseas trip and the fact all the organisation had been taken care of was music to our ears.


All it took was a glimpse at the perfect surf conditions crashing in front of our resort and the glamour of the first bar we went to (Coccoon in Seminyak) for me to crown it one of my all-time favourite holiday destinations.

We stayed at the Bali Mandira, which was across the road from Legian beach. Unlike Phuket and other resort towns I’ve been to, the shops and traffic are set back from the beach. All that separates the Bali Mandira, and other resorts like the Padma and Legian Beach Hotel from the beach is a quiet street that’s limited to foot traffic. Cue peace and quiet.


But head out the main entrance of the Bali Mandira and you’re in the middle of all the action, with as much tie-died mumu dresses and fake branded boardshorts as any shopper could wish for.

We spent nine nights in Legian, and capped our shopping at about two hours … which managed to yield this excellent purchase.


The rest of the time was spent surfing the incredible waves, sipping coconut water straight from the husks (me) and icey Bintangs (Joel) by the resort pool. I finished three books, got suitably bronzed and had every knot of tension undone in my body thanks to regular Balinese massages.


ife is very good in Bali, so watch this space for more posts featuring my pick of the nightlife, mindblowing accommodation options and some of the great daytrips on offer.