New York, New York

We’re just over a week into our New York stay and I finally feel qualified enough to write a blog post. Despite walking some serious kilometres and ticking off major tourist attractions each day, it took about a week to really start to feel the way the city beats.

No matter how far you walk in Manhattan, buildings continue to stretch far into the distance; a neverending sprawl of high-rise apartments, slick office buildings, hectic traffic and swarms of people. It’s overwhelming and when we first arrived we couldn’t work out which direction to walk.


It was pouring with rain on our first afternoon, so we figured it would be a good idea to aquaint ourselves with the local brew at Still (192 Third Ave, Grammercy), the nearest bar to our hotel. Not only did we discover we could buy a wine and a beer for $5 a round, but the barman shared plenty of New Yorker knowledge to help us see the best of the city without having to take out a personal loan.


Since then we’ve met plenty of locals, most of whom have been unbelievably friendly and excited to share their city with us. From the crazy duo Joel danced with in a seedy bar, to the former pro-skater who took us to some amazing clubs, we were surprised by the warmth they showed. Of course, we’ve had a few less friendly encounters, but most of the locals we’ve met are as excited to be here as we are.

We’ve ticked off the obligatory Wall St, Central Park, Times Square and Empire State building, but rather than give you a boring blow-by blow account of each day, I’m going to split up my blog posts into easy articles to help anyone planning a trip to the Big Apple. Enjoy!