Sydney Harbour on foot

Despite having spent almost four years living in Sydney, the magnificence of the harbour never fails to leave me gob-smacked. Combine sparkling blue water with the engineering masterpiece that is the Bridge, plus the architectural magnificence of the Opera House and you’ve got a pretty unique combination guaranteed to leave your heart a-flutter.


So when I flew to Sydney last week for a much-anticipated catch-up with friends, I insisted that we pull on our exercise gear and hit the harbour.


The walk starts in hectic Circular Quay, where your ears will be abuzz with foreign accents, groaning ferries and the sound of didgeridoos. Grab yourself an ice-cream from Baskin Robbins (cookie dough + hokie pokie = my recommendations), then start pounding the pavement.


My friend Gabby will never deny my requests for a walk … or an ice-cream!

Stroll past the Opera House and you’ll find a gate to enter the botanical gardens for a beautiful walk around the rim of the harbour.


The further you go, the better the view and eventually you’ll come to a gorgeous picnic spot with views across to the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.


Once you’ve had your fix of icons, you can continue through the park where you’ll see the city skyline jutting out above the luscious greenery.


You’ll finish up in the heart of the city where you can grab a bite to eat, or jump in a bus or taxi to take you to your next destination … while quietly giving yourself a high five for actually doing some exercise while on holiday!