Travel bloggers share their secrets in Cleo

As most travellers will have realised, there’s only so many times you can share stories about your trip once you get home. In my experience, most people will give you a week, tops, before conversations drift back to the usual boring stuff.

I’ve watched so many friends and family member’s eyes glaze over when I start a sentence with “That reminds me of when I was in …” And don’t even try to get people to look at your photos a second time!

So when Cleo got in touch saying they wanted to include me in a story about travel bloggers, I couldn’t have been more excited. It gave me an excuse to trawl through my photos, sighing at all the beauty, and then explain my favourite memories in detail. Heaven for a travel junkie.

Click here to read the full Cleo travel blogger interview. It’s definitely worth a read if you’re planning a big trip, as there’s some great tips from some seasoned travellers.