Urge to splurge

When it comes to accommodation, I’m not that fussy. From hammocks in the Colombian jungle to 16-bed dorms in Barcelona, if I can find a horizontal place to lay my head, I’ll probably give it five stars.

But then my man proposed (yay!), I said yes (phew!) and we planned an (epic) wedding in our favourite Victorian holiday destination, Lorne.


[Pic courtesy @saherheffernan]

But possibly just as exciting as planning the wedding was planning the honeymoon to Vietnam. It’s been a hectic year (sorry blog, you got lumped to the bottom of the priority list), so we thought two weeks of palm trees and pina coladas would be the ideal cap to the lovefest.


So we (seriously) splurged, with three nights at the Nam Hai in Hoi Ann. And if you’re in the mood for absolute indulgence, then you might want to consider doing the same.


About 10 minutes’ drive from Hoi Ann (about a $5 taxi), this decadent hotel oozes luxury. Water features are its claim to fame, with three infinity pools staggered towards the pristine beach. We spent the bulk of our three days propped on day beds by the “quiet” adult pool, reading and swimming. Yes, it led to serious cases of sleepy eyes.


And the beach, oh don’t get me started on the beach. Soft, white sand spreading to turquoise water that the staff painstakingly sweep to keep free of litter (you only need to walk down the beach a bit further to see what it would look like if it was left unattended).


The room was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, complete with a surround sound system, iPod packed with music, free mini bar and bath inside the bedroom!


The one day it rained, we took advantage of the epic movie list and a trip to the day spa for an ayurvedic massage. It was conducted in little huts built on a lagoon that created the most tranquil environment for one of the best massages I’ve ever had.


The resort staff are attentive to your every need – everyone knows your name and stops for a chat as they go about their business. When we had to leave earlier than the buffet breakfast, the staff delivered our brekkie room service and even styled it pretty. We were giggling like schoolkids let loose in the playground.


It was an experience to say the least, but when your dinner bill at the Indian restaurant comes to about $200AU – and you only had two drinks each – you know that limiting your stay to three nights was probably for the best (and you quickly start utilising the mini bar for afternoon drinks!). And as sad as we were to leave the bed made from clouds, we were actually just as happy in the various huts and hammocks we’ve rested our weary heads on over the years.

Funny that.